How to solve pta device verification payment slip identification issues? Leave a comment

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How to solve PTA device verification payment slip identification issues?

An ultimate guide to pay fbr/pta mobile registration fee

Pta mobile registration is the easiest way to register blocked mobile phones. It also carries some issues with it. Although the process seems quite simple when it comes to phone registration, you may find complicated cautions. For instance, if you have bought a PTA blocked phone and you want to register it. You will sign up with pta dirbs system. For this, you will visit PTA official website. Once you log in to your account to register your mobile phone, there are information tabs. These tabs ask for personal and mobile-related information.

You can find the following problems:

  • You are entering your passport number, but the system shows it is already in use.
  • The mobile owner enters the mobile IMEI number, but the system shows already in the system

Furthermore, there are complexities related to mobile verification and IMEI registration. For instance, if anybody completes the whole process, still he/she may faces payment-related problems. This article is specially written for those customers who are facing pta device verification and payment slip identification issues.

Before proceeding, let me answer the situations I have mentioned above:

My passport number is already in the system:

In this case, you need to contact fbr and pta office immediately. Because someone has used traveling details to register a mobile phone.

My IMEI number already exists in PTA dirbs system:

There are two situations:

  • Someone has already applied for the same mobile phone registration
  • Phone IMEI is sent for PTA device verification but mobile phone tax is not paid yet

What is meant by psid slip?

Paid slip is system generated invoice that contains the exact amount of mobile phone registration tax.

I have made the payment but I have deleted my paid application

You need to resubmit the application following the same procedure

You can submit query to this link too

I have made payment to the wrong psid code

In this case, you will write a separate application. Mention in it the mistake you did for mobile registration. They will consider your application but payment cannot be reversed.

I have received psid code and amount but deleted all messages

If you have deleted all messages of phone registration via 8484, you will visit this link:

  • Select option forget password
  • Login again and process the application

I have made psid amount for device registration, but my mobile is not working yet.

Once fbr confirms the payment, it will send you a confirmation message. Still, you are facing a mobile blocking issue, visit nearest fbr office with payment proof.

I am an income tax filer; do I enjoy a mobile phone tax-free status?

No, all citizens filers and non-filers will pay mobile registration tax.

I am out of the country on Govt duty; do I get tax exemption from pta/fbr on return?

No, every international traveler will pay ta to fbr for mobile phone registration.

I am living in a foreign country for a study scholarship; can I get a mobile phone tax deduction?

No, whether you are a student, employee, or govt official, every person will pay mobile phone tax on the airport.


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